About Us

WholeKids Pediatrics was established by Dr. Dhanu Sant in 2008 to provide integrative pediatric medical care. Integrative medical care is a holistic model that blends traditional Western medicine with complementary practices such as yoga, massage, acupuncture and supplements.

At WholeKids, Dr. Sant and her staff are committed to a holistic approach to health care. Appointments are longer with particular attention paid to nutrition, exercise and sleep as these are the cornerstones of health for children. The focus at WholeKids is prevention and wellness from birth to young adulthood with the vision that healthy children make for productive, healthy adults.

It is the vision of WholeKids to treat all aspects of a child’s health - physical, emotional, developmental and spiritual. Children’s needs in their home, school and social environments are assessed. Dr. Sant’s approach to integrative health gives each child complete care whether treating illness or promoting wellness.

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