Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Patient Portal FAQs

I forgot my log in ID?

The log in ID is your child’s name and year of birth.  The first letter of both the first and last name is capitalized followed by the year of birth.  If your child’s name is John Smith and he was born in 2002, the log in ID is JohnSmith2002.  There  are no spaces between the first name, last name and year of birth.  In addition, the name will be whatever legal name has been entered into our electronic charting system.  You may call your child by a nickname or his/her middle name but this is not applicable for the purposes of the log in ID.  If you any questions regarding the log in ID, please send an email to .  Phone calls and messages regarding log in IDs will be addressed via email only.

I forgot my password?

Please remember that you do not have to change your password from the initial generic password that is assigned to you.  However, if you do forget your password and are locked out of the patient portal, please send an email to and we will respond after resetting the password.  Phone calls and messages regarding password issues will be addressed via email only. 

How Do I Pre-Register?

All new families MUST pre-register their child/children in order to become active patients at Wholekids. Follow the steps below to pre-register.

  1. Visit Our Online Patient Portal.
  2. Select the Pre-Register tab and enter your CHILD’S name as they will be the patient. (Please do not enter your name as the patient name.)  
  3. After submission, please allow the system at least 30 minutes to before calling our office (614) 298-5437 to schedule an appointment

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