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**All Patients of WholeKids Pediatrics get 10% off all classes except where noted.  Please see patient instructions provided in the pediatric office on how to access this discount**

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Class Descriptions

Stroll and Stretch - Ongoing 

Led by Jenni Johnson
Push the baby blues and baby weight out of your life with this fun stroller-based workout while spending time with your babe(s).  This upbeat class is offered outdoors (in the studio for inclement weather) on a paved trail where we will do intervals of cardio and strength and then back to the studio for yoga and cooling down.
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Mom's Group - Ongoing 

Friends enrich every stage of our life and friendships during motherhood are critical for momma's mental, physical and emotional health!  Taking this time to self care can feel so challenging.  Open to all mommies, babies and children.  Come feed your child and meet/talk with new friends.  

Adult Hot Flow & Let Go

Led by Jenni Johnson
This is a flowing yoga class connecting breath and movement.  The flow begins with warming up and picks up pace.  Wring out the stress of the day with this invigorating class and you will leave glowing.
Pay by the class or use a class pass 

Adult Slow Flow and & Restore

Led by Jenni Johnson
This class focuses on breath and intentional movement.  Warm up with a gentle and soulful sequence, followed by a deeply restorative sequence that will melt away stress and leave you peaceful.  The slow flow will restore you back to you.
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Infant Massage

This  3-class series is designed to teach parents how to massage their babies and learn about the therapeutic benefits of massage.  These massage techniques can be used throughout childhood to manage stress, injury and illness
Pay by series 

Prenatal Yoga

This is a yoga practice specifically designed for the pregnant woman.  Yoga during pregnancy keeps the body fit during a time that a woman's body is changing rapidly.  This gentle practice may also assist in easing into labor and delivery with more comfort. 
Pay by series 

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Led by Carmen Cordova
This is a gentle practice for moms (or dads) and babies up to the crawling stage.  Classes are designed for the parent to do yoga poses alongside their infant.  Specifically, Mommy & Baby classes are focused on helping the new mother recover from the birthing process while strengthening the bond between mom and baby.
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Toddler Yoga

Led by Carmen Cordova, Itsy Bitsy Yoga Teacher
This is a supportive, fun-loving yoga class.  During class, crawlers and walkers playfully practice yoga postures while they are standing, sitting and moving.  Parents get to do a little yoga but no yoga experience is needed.
Pay by class or use a class pass

Saturday Preschool Yoga

Led by Carmen Cordova, Itsy Bitsy Yoga Teacher
This class is for the slightly younger preschooler - ages 2-4y and parents are part of the fun.  The class focuses on learning yoga through unique child friendly yoga poses with songs, stories and games to create an enriching parent/child activity.
Pay by class or use a class pass

Girls Yoga

Led by Jenni Johnson
These classes are designed to allow girls to have some space to discover what is unique about girlhood through yoga.  Movement, breath practice and relaxation all play a role in keeping a young girl fit and able to cope with the stresses of modern girlhood.  Two classes - one for the younger girls (8-12y) and one for the teenagers (13-18y).
Pay by class or use a class pass

Boys Yoga

Taught by Jenni Johnson
The modern boy has a competitive and busy lifstyle whether they are athletes or not.  These classes are designed to incorporate yoga to enhance flexibility and strength to prevent injury.  In addition, class will provide enhanced body awareness with increased mental focus along with relaxation which may improve athletic and academic performance.  Jenni's background as an athlete and yoga teacher, along with being a mother of a boy herself, makes her passionate about bringing yoga to boys.
​Pay by class or use a class pass

Postnatal Yoga for Moms

This class is for moms who have recently had a baby (whether your first or third!).  The class is for mamas but we welcome the babies who need to be present.  You can take a break to feed your little one if needed and rejoin the class.  The new mama will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed through movement and breath.
Pay by series 

Nutrition & Yoga Workshops

The Nutrition and Yoga workshops will be offered throughout the year to address a variety of health issues.  Our current offerings offer a yoga and nutriton practice for emotional health, respiratory health, gut health and back & spine health.  See our calender for dates, times and pricing. 
Led by Dr. Dhanu Sant, integrative physician and yoga teacher

$15 Class drop-in (for adults and children)



$120- 10 class pass ($12/class)

$220- 20 class pass ($10/class)



$78- 6 class pass ($13/class)

$80- 8 class pass ($10/class)

**All Patients of WholeKids Pediatrics get 10% off all classes except where noted.  Please see instructions provided in the pediatric office on how to access this discount.**

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