As a pediatrician, I am particularly passionate about getting kids to be as healthy as possible so that they can become healthy, thriving grownups.

My integrative focus on healing will bring in lifestyle and nutrition interventions, supplements, herbal remedies and medications if appropriate (for children).  Being a yoga teacher also informs many of my recommendations for incorporating movement and breathing. 

For adults, my recommendations will focus on supplements and herbal remedies only as medications that are uniquely suited for adults are beyond my scope of practice. 

I work with all medical conditions . My personal areas of interest are ADHD, mental health and gut health.  My goal is to provide a customized plan that will provide a roadmap for improving the health of your childern and family.   I look forward to taking this journey towards optimal wellness with you.


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Phone/Telehealth Visits

15minutes       (phone or video)                                                                     

30 minutes      (phone or video)                                                                    

*Payment must be made prior to our scheduled appointment.  Please use the pay online button to enter your payment*

**While I am a doctor, I am not your primary care physician.  For immediate illness and emergency concerns, please contact your doctor.**