Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with an integrative or herbal consultation?
We will spend time gathering information about your current health concerns, your past medical history and discussing what has worked and what hasn’t.  This time will also be spent on discussing nutrition, exercise, stresses that exist and sleep.  After this thorough discussion, we will come up with the goals that you have for your health and create a customized plan that will help meet those goals.

How do I schedule my appointment?
You may email me at to set up a consultation.  Payment must be received prior to our work together and this can be done online.  Once payment has been received, I will be in touch with you via email to confirm date, time and will also send a link to our video connection.

What type of conditions does integrative and herbal medicine treat?
The short answer is everything!  Western conventional medicine is really great at treating emergencies, surgery needs and severe acute illness.  I feel blessed to have been trained well in allopathic medicine.  However, what conventional medicine does not do well is look beyond symptoms and get to the root causes of ongoing health issues.  This is where integrative and herbal medicine shines and illuminates a path to more complete and optimal health.  I feel bringing together conventional and natural remedies after looking at the person as whole really creates the best medicine for everyone.

Are herbs and supplements safe especially with pharmaceutical medications?
Herbs and supplements are generally safe for anyone to use even with prescription medications.  Often, these natural remedies will enhance the healing process.  There are some drug-supplement and drug-herb interactions that do occur so working with an experienced practitioner is important.  This will be discussed in our consultation work together to ensure that all recommendations can be safely used.

Areas of specialty?
Being a pediatrician and herbalist, I am uniquely qualified to work with all preventative and illness concerns for children from 0-22years of age.  For adults, my focus has been on supporting women while breastfeeding and in the postpartum period.  For adults, my consultations will focus on herbal, food and lifestyle remedies as adult medications are beyond the scope of my training.  My particular areas of interest are mental health including ADHD and gut health and nutrition.