Picky Eaters - Part II

The flavor of food is determined by it's actual taste, obviously.  Food flavor, however, is also determned by smell, how food looks on the plate and the texture of food on the tongue.  Evolution has dedicated a large portion of our sensory apparatus to food and how we detect the nutritional value of foods by their taste.  There is scientific evidence that genetics plays a role in accepting new tastes especially the more bitter tastes of green veggies.  Our sense of smell evolves from infancy to adulthood.  Things that smelled bad in childhood will often smell better later in life.   Taste and smell continue to evolve over a lifetime which is hopeful news if you have a picky child eater!

Selective eaters usually negative childhood associations with food (the neurobiologic pairing that we talked about last week).  For some children, underlying gut related medical problems like acid reflux, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation play a role in negative food associations. 

Selective eaters, especially adult selective eaters, tend to have certain characteristics in common:

  • Tend to like similar foods with an emphasis on bland and processed foods
  • Love salt (especially french fries)
  • Bacon is often the only meat that is readily eaten
  • State that foods don't look or smell right and these foods are rejected
  • Often no fruits or vegetables are consumed except carrots

How do you prevent picky eating?

  • Family meals - make mealtime pleasant
  • As parents, be good role models and ask kids to eat what you are eating; Kids watch and learn from variety even when they are not consuming it
  • Eat a variety of foods during pregnancy
  • Don't offer new foods when children are ill or even not feeling well 

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